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The list of criminal offenses that one can be charged with is long, and even seemingly minor charges must be regarded with caution. A criminal conviction could lead to the loss of one’s rights—the right to vote, the right to possess a firearm, as well as rights that directly affect the ability to raise one’s children. Many who have been convicted of a crime, or even merely accused, have also lost jobs, relationships, and their standing in numerous other ways as a result. A criminal conviction may also result in a significant sentence of imprisonment, as well as staggering fines. Any criminal charge has the potential to generate a ripple effect that extends deeply into one’s life and far into the future, so it’s important to have the benefit of experienced legal counsel when faced with criminal accusations.

In Colorado, Crimes of Violence Mean Mandatory Prison Sentences

Felonies that involve what are known as “crimes of violence” are subject to mandatory prison sentences in Colorado, which means that the court has no discretion to choose probation no matter what the facts or circumstances reveal. Only in extraordinary circumstances may a court deviate from the mandatory sentencing requirements when a person has been convicted of a “crime of violence”. While the term “crime of violence” itself sounds severe, many defendants who are charged as such did not actually commit an act that merits prison time.

The creative ways in which prosecutors now wield “crimes of violence” charges seem to be expanding. For example, defendants are routinely charged with “crimes of violence” anytime a broken bone injury is sustained—even a nasal fracture can escalate a charge to a “crime of violence” designation. In this context, a bar fight or some domestic violence cases are charged under this category. If a person makes use of a blunt object, such as a lamp or anything else within reach, to fend off an attacker, they may find themselves facing a “crime of violence” charge if the prosecution chooses to characterize the object as a deadly weapon. It has also become quite common for local prosecutors to charge defendants with a “crime of violence” by alleging that a person’s hands constitute a deadly weapon, or in cases of road rage, one’s vehicle.

If you have been charged with a “crime of violence,” it is vital to contact an experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney in Denver as soon as possible. Considering the mandatory sentencing requirements that accompany this charge, your life and your freedom are, quite literally, at stake.

Aggravated Robbery

Aggravated robbery involves the use of force—either with a deadly weapon or simulated weapon—to take something of value. If a person is convicted of aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon, mandatory prison sentences apply, which means that probation is not an available option. Cases of aggravated robbery often involve robbing a bank, a convenience store, or a gas station. If a person is charged with multiple aggravated robberies, that person may face more than one mandatory sentence, each of which could be served consecutively, or back-to-back. The stakes are even higher if more than one victim is present at a robbery.  Given that just one count of aggravated robbery carries 10-32 years in prison, it is easy to see how multiple counts can raise the minimum mandatory amount of time that must be served up to 40 or 50 years.  For a person in their 20s or older, such lengthy consecutive sentences can mean life in prison.

Homicide, Murder, Manslaughter, Self-Defense
and Crimes of Passion

Charges related to the killing of another person in Colorado vary according to the factors involved. Intent, state of mind, and the factual circumstances surrounding the death can affect the precise charge; however, all charges related to the death of another person carry severe penalties, not to mention a stigma that may be impossible to outlive. Having a seasoned criminal attorney can mean the difference between freedom and imprisonment, ruin and redemption.Decker & Jones will defend the accused against these, and other, types of charges:

  • First-degree murder, the most serious of all homicide charges.  The most common way first-degree murder is charged is when it is alleged that the killing resulted from an intentional act that was premeditated and “after-deliberation.  The prosecution will also charge first degree murder in situations where a death occurs during the commission of another felony, during the course of attempting to commit a felony, or during the course of a felony or the immediate escape therefrom.  Convictions for murder in the first degree are class one felonies in Colorado and carry life without the possibility for parole or, in some circumstances, the death penalty.
  • Second-degree murder means that the accused knowingly caused the death of another person and is usually charged in circumstances where the death occurs as a result of a spontaneous fight or conflict that was not premeditated or committed “after deliberation”.  Second-degree murder is also subject to mandatory prison sentencing.
  • Murder with extreme indifference means that a killing took place with “… an attitude of universal malice manifesting extreme indifferent to the value of human life …” Different from intentional, premeditated murder, murder with extreme indifference requires an act of callous and reckless indifference to the value of human life.
  • Manslaughter is different from murder in that the death was not intentional. The accused, however, is still responsible for the death by either recklessly causing the death or intentionally causing or helping another person to commit suicide. Manslaughter is a common charge when it is alleged a person was under the influence at the time they were at fault in a fatal car accident.
  • Self-defense laws in Colorado require that the use of force against another be reasonable under the circumstances.  A person may use a reasonable amount of physical force on another to prevent that person from causing injury to themselves or others.  A person may use deadly force in Colorado if they reasonably believe that serious bodily injury or death is about to befall themselves or another.  Colorado does not have the exact equivalent of a “stand your ground” law   which allows gun owners in other states, under certain circumstances, to use deadly force on the streets even when they have the option to retreat.  However, Colorado does except the general notion that a person does not have a “duty to retreat” when they are legally entitled to use self-defense based on the circumstances.  Colorado law does provide some special protections for homeowners where deadly force may be used against an intruder (the “make my day” law), even when that situation does not rise to the level of legal self-defense.
  • Heat of PassionThe defense of “heat of passion” is applicable to most violent charges.  To succeed on this defense, it must be shown that the offense was the product of a “highly provoking” act and that the person accused did not have a sufficient period of time to “cool-off” before committing the offense.  “Heat of passion” is not a complete defense, but if successful it reduces the level of felony conviction.
  • Attempted murder means that with the intent to kill, a substantial step was made toward taking another’s life.
  • Mental Illness- Unfortunately, so much violent crime and even drug offenses are driven by person’s serious and debilitating mental health disorders.  The attorneys at Decker & Jones are experienced in this matters and are knowledgeable about the resources needed to present these matters in a way that render fair and humane results.

Solid Criminal Defense Takes Time—Contact an Attorney as Soon as Possible When Facing a Serious Felony Charge

Some legal strategies are time-sensitive, and fast action from you, as well as your attorney, can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case. For more than a decade, the attorneys at Decker & Jones have been helping good people who are facing bad situations. We offer compassionate comprehensive legal services to people throughout Colorado. When you contact our law firm to schedule your free initial consultation, you will not be judged—you will be treated with the same dignity and respect that we would want for ourselves.

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